Writer’s Circle Mastermind

Work directly with Rob Drummond to develop your email copywriting skills, or build a freelance copywriting career…

The Writer’s Circle Mastermind is only open to students who complete our Nurture Email Mastery training.

The Writer’s Circle meets online once a week. Members are welcome to bring work and questions to the calls. You’ll get the ongoing feedback you need to quickly improve as a writer.

Besides the calls, Writer’s Circle members also get access to a private Google Group for ongoing support whenever you need it.

Writer’s Circle membership costs £147 per month, or $197 USD. That investment includes:

  • A one-hour weekly group call with Rob
  • Unlimited forum support through the Google Group

If you haven’t yet completed Nurture Email Mastery you can setup course access here.

Please note you can only join the weekly calls once you have completed the course.

**Rob helped put the BOOM! into my writing**

Before I joined the writer's circle my writing style was dry and academic. For eighteen years I'd been drafting essays, manuscripts and several theses. I knew how to research a topic, present my findings and argue my thesis. But I no longer work in academia. I now help small businesses with their admin, website development and copywriting. My writing skills were no longer good enough for writing copy for my clients or for my business projects. I was worried that if I didn't adapt my writing style I'd lose client work and would never launch a number of projects I was developing.

So I headed off to read a few books on writing sales copy. I scribbled in the margins and highlighted great blocks of text. Then I sat down to write, juiced up on all this new copywriting knowledge. And the ink flowed. I wrote an email to promote an online coaching course for a client. I shared it with a copywriting friend. I was happy with it. I had edited it several times and with each revision I thought it shined a little brighter.

"It sucks, David", my friend said. "I didn't get past the first paragraph, and I only opened the email because you're my friend - your subject line read like spam", he continued.

Okay, I realised I would need some guidance in transitioning from academic writing to copywriting.

I came across Rob's Writer's Circle and his Nurture Email Mastery course via one of my clients. The course was very well structured. The academic in me loved the clear process Rob had laid out to follow. And he didn't forget about the importance of research when writing. Over a few weeks I learnt how to collect stories and weave them into writing about my client's products. 

After completing the course I joined the Writer's Circle. The group helps to keep me focussed on writing. I know each week, at the same time Rob and the other members of the group will be on the call to talk about all things writing (and marketing). The weekly group call is a frequent reminder that if I want to be a writer, I must write! A murderer isn't a murderer if he doesn't kill someone.

During the call we share what we've been writing. Sometimes I have stuff I've written for an email series, a blog post or a landing page. The feedback I get from Rob and group is always useful (as I don't mind sometimes harsh yet always constructive criticism).

My biggest fault in almost everything I write is I don't include enough drama and emotion. And Rob notices every time. I usually have no idea where to add the drama but Rob helps me create it with a few techniques.

Rob doesn't just share his copywriting knowledge and story-based email writing know-how, he also knows a ton about sales and marketing. Particularly how our story fits into the our sales and marketing strategy. This is invaluable.

I've been part of the group for over a year and I've definitely improved my writing. I notice stories everywhere and they've become central to how I communicate with my customers.

Rob's clear writing processes and the ongoing support within the Writer's Circle have helped me write copy that's more entertaining and educational. It's full of dastardly villains, electrifying details and explosive conclusions. And of course, more sales.

My writing is now something my friend would actually read.

David MacGregor

David MacGregor