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About Story Copywriters

I’m Rob. I’m many things; but amongst others I’m a father of two, barefoot runner, longbow archer, craft beer drinker. I’m a copywriter and marketing automation expert.

Eastham Ferry

Rob & Family – Taken at the old Eastham Ferry terminal near where I grew up on The Wirral

Let Me Take You Back to February 2012...

I'm sitting on a wooden dining chair at my laptop, in our tiny 2-bedroom flat just west of London. It's 7.30AM. The sound of the morning traffic is building below. But today is different... because today I'm not heading out to join it. My first day as a self-employed entrepreneur.

My first business was a Google Ads agency. To attract clients I offered a free PDF called 'How To Waste £1000 on Google AdWords in No Time Flat'. After people signed up I sent 15 emails telling my story, sent over a month.

I quickly noticed I was getting two types of sales leads...

The first was people who had just found my website and wanted to know how much I charged. I closed a few of these deals but often these were troublesome clients to work with.

The second was people who had downloaded the report, read the emails and decided to contact me. These people were respectful of my time and less price sensitive. More than one said they felt they already ‘knew me’ after reading my emails.

What was the difference? I had told my story!

Today I teach marketers to build this level of trust by telling their true story. You could tell your story in emails, in Facebook posts, on your website, in presentations, in a book, in printed literature. We're media agnostic. Tools and platforms come and go, but storytelling will always be at your disposal. 

I used to think storytelling was a 'dark art'. Something you're good at, or you're not. Something I couldn't explain or teach.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

We're all natural storytellers. We all swim in a sea of stories. Stories are the building blocks of trust.

What will you learn here? You'll learn how to thread authentic stories throughout the customer journey. You'll learn to write emails that attract your ideal customers. Emails that let people know the real you. And not just emails - other forms of content too.

If you're a marketing professional you'll learn how to do this for your clients. Very few agencies have this skill!

If you like the written word but find the blank screen intimidating - then look no further. You're in the right place. Find out more in Episode 1 of the Story Copywriter podcast...

What is a Story Copywriter

What Clients Have Said

Working with Rob reinforces my preexisting belief in the need for truth in marketing. There is a way to be transparent, build on your existing assets and strengths, and still create a message that can resonate with a specific market. This service helped me find mine. It requires some skill, but Rob does it for you.

And I am certain, that once my audience starts hearing this message, it will be unique. And definitely my own, because it’ll be based on my slightly offbeat background and backstory. And therefore impossible to copy or just knock off.

Luke Szyrmer

Luke Szyrmer

Launch Tomorrow

Rob has a real skill in drawing out lines of narrative in the course of the conversation, and suggesting the marketing points that can be illustrated from anecdotal stories about life events.

For less than the fee that some copywriters would charge for a single piece, you can have a rich store of copy ideas that will keep you going for months, if not years.. 

Derek Dearden

Derek Dearden


You’ve drawn various stories and situations from my past, and used them to create a coherent set of stories that have set the direction for my conversation with my audience.

What I liked best about this is that you did all the hard work – getting the focus and the “moral of the story” part. The easy part is all that’s left for me to do – filling in the details. Your true genius ability is to listen my stories and draw out the bigger meaning of that story. That’s what makes a story powerful.

John Verbrugge

John Verbrugge

Shared Hands

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