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If you're a business owner who sells based on trust, the single best way to tell your story is in a book...

A well written book positions you as THE trusted authority in your niche. Leverage the power of Amazon to attract a steady stream of ideal customers to your business. Start by downloading my free guide to Amazon's self publishing platform...

Get The Ideal Book Out Of Your Head And Into Your Marketing... Fast!

A book positions you head and shoulders above other service providers. (Daniel Priestley talks about this in Key Person of Influence).

A book allows potential customers to understand your unique perspective, method or system. A book communicates your expertise.

What’s more, self publishing has never been easier. Amazon has changed the game of publishing. Publishing is no longer a long and expensive process, where thousands of books gather dust unsold in your garage. A self published book can now have global impact, quickly and affordably.

A great book acts as a filtering mechanism at the heart of your marketing. Ideal clients will read your book and qualify themselves into your sales process. Nightmare clients will be put off, and won’t find time to read it in the first place!

(Learn more about this in Episode 28 of the Story Copywriter Podcast):

So, why doesn’t every business owner have a book out there? 

Because books are hard to write. Because you’re not a writer. Perhaps you just don’t have time to write, even if you enjoy the process. It takes too long. You spend too long editing and perfecting. You’re not sure how long the book should be, or what the focus should be. You think nobody will be interested in your story. You’re worried about the mechanics or complexity of self-publishing. You don't know how to convert readers into clients.

In short: left to your own devices, the book isn’t likely to ever be written.

Which is a shame, and a missed opportunity. A missed opportunity to scale the impact your work has on the world. A missed opportunity to influence and help more people. 

If you’re an expert in your niche, I believe you have a book inside you. 

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What Clients Have Said

"The output of Rob's process delivers far beyond the end of the process. Therefore it's a true investment because it keeps paying dividends..." - Pieter de Villiers

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"Working with Rob was relatively easy. He asked questions, he obviously has an innate sense of emotional understanding, and didn't have to ask for my whole life story to get the most important parts of the story. I was surprised at what he was able to produce from such a short conversation!" - Aveline Clark

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"Rob's an expert at storytelling. The difficulty a lot of people have is in seeing their own story and recognising it for what it is. Rob is very good at pulling out the story that's already there and packaging it into something useful." - Luke Szyrmer

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"We all know we should be communicating with our prospects and clients, especially with regular emails. We know people have short attention spans. The challenge is to say things that are interesting, relevant and useful to potential customers. Rob's process provides a fount of inspiration, and can be applied to anything." - Derek Dearden

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"The output we've had from Rob is timeless. We now don't have to keep repeating ourselves, over and over to other copywriters when we have more marketing to create." - Peter Daly-Dickson

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Tell Me About Your Business

Working with Rob reinforces my preexisting belief in the need for truth in marketing. There is a way to be transparent, build on your existing assets and strengths, and still create a message that can resonate with a specific market. This service helped me find mine. It requires some skill, but Rob does it for you.

And I am certain, that once my audience starts hearing this message, it will be unique. And definitely my own, because it’ll be based on my slightly offbeat background and backstory. And therefore impossible to copy or just knock off.

Luke Szyrmer

Luke Szyrmer

Rob has a real skill in drawing out lines of narrative in the course of the conversation, and suggesting the marketing points that can be illustrated from anecdotal stories about life events.

For less than the fee that some copywriters would charge for a single piece, you can have a rich store of copy ideas that will keep you going for months, if not years. 

Derek Dearden

Derek Dearden

You’ve drawn various stories and situations from my past, and used them to create a coherent set of stories that have set the direction for my conversation with my audience.

What I liked best about this is that you did all the hard work – getting the focus and the “moral of the story” part. The easy part is all that’s left for me to do – filling in the details. Your true genius ability is to listen my stories and draw out the bigger meaning of that story. That’s what makes a story powerful.. 

John Verbrugge

John Vergrugge

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