Course Credits

I don’t believe I’ve ever had an original idea in my life, and this course is no exception. I have linked to a number of resources here partly as a proverbial nod, and partly to offer you extra reading if you want it.

The core of the production process came from Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics. The concepts of the timeline, the one idea and the reconnect all came from Sean. You should sign up for his stuff at

Many of the concepts in the editing section came from Drayton Bird although I have no doubt he gathered them from other places. Drayton is a master copywriter and has an excellent three-part webinar series on how to write and persuade. If you ask me I’ll share the webinar files with you.

The verb references in the editing section came from Perry Marshall’s Swiss Army Knife tool. Again, ask me and I’ll share the relevant files with you.

I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Christopher Booker’s book The Seven Basic Plots. This book has shaped my thoughts on story selection more than any other. The book is inexpensive on Amazon.