58 Email Storytelling Insights (feat. Bill Mueller)

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I often think I’m running my business to the beat of my own drum. Then I discover that a significant number of people also beat their drum in an eerily familiar way!

Bill Mueller is one of those people. Bill is an experienced email copywriter with a passion for storytelling and the founder of ‘The Story Sales Machine’. I’m delighted that Bill agreed to come on the Story Copywriter Podcast to share his expertise and compare notes!

Listen in now to learn:

  • Why email offers the highest ROI for storytelling
  • How to strike the right balance between automated and broadcast emails
  • How to repurpose old content
  • How to make your writing entertaining – and whether to use humour
  • Whether your writing should always be ‘on topic’
  • How long your emails should be – and the trade-off between length and frequency
  • Where to find inspiration for your stories
  • Why images are under-used in email
  • Why you’ll ALWAYS regret not journaling
  • How to hook the reader into your email
  • Tips to keep people reading
  • Whether to include a call to action in every email
  • Bill’s recommended storytelling books

Links mentioned:

Books mentioned:

  • Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell – and Live – the Best Stories Will Rule the Future (Jonah Sachs)
  • Storyworthy (Matthew Dicks)
  • Story (Robert McKee) – see also my book review

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