56 Write Your Book First! (feat. Isse Muratspahić)

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Publishing a book is the most effective way to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche. What’s more, writing the book that only you can write is also a journey of discovery! (Sometimes called ‘type 3 fun’…) 

In writing your book you get to step back and discover who you really are. On this episode I interview Isse Muratspahić, a book coach with a unique perspective on the writing process. Listen in now as we discuss:

  • How to build a brand aligned with your heart and voice
  • Why ‘inner work’ often has to precede the ‘outer work’ of writing a book or building a brand
  • When to write your book before getting into business – how writing your book can save you years of confusion!
  • How to write with both your own interests AND your ideal prospect in mind
  • How long it should take to write your book
  • How many pages to aim for
  • Why you can trust your inner voice
  • Why self publishing is often the best option for business owners
  • How to use your book as a marketing plan for leveraging your other content
  • Where your book should sit in your marketing systems
  • How a book can help reduce your reliance on sales

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