54 The PAISA Formula of Story Selling (feat. Roy Furr)

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‘Story Selling’ is the art and craft of telling stories to sell high value products and services. But how should you structure your stories to attract your ideal client? Is the ‘hero’s journey’ structure really your best option?

On this episode I interview Roy Furr, author of The Ultimate Selling Story. Roy talks through his PAISA formula for story selling, including:

  • Why your best copy should make your ideal prospect ‘vibrate’ – and the impact on results
  • Why you can easily go astray by following the ‘hero’s journey’ story structure
  • How to really dig into the problem your prospect is facing
  • Why the symptoms of the problem are more compelling than the problem itself
  • How to agitate or elevate emotions around the problem
  • How to present your solution are the only or ‘correct’ solution for your ideal prospect
  • Why your ‘definite selling proposition’ underpins the success of any promotion
  • How to increase results from a promotion by re-ordering the copy
  • How to tell effective customer stories (and how this can circumvent ad approval issues!)
  • How a great story can illustrate the problem without shaming the prospect
  • When to write your own copy and when to hire a copywriter
  • How to carve a niche for yourself as a copywriter and play to your strengths
  • How to leverage ChatGPT for writing efficiency gains

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Want More? Listen to my interview on Roy’s Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Podcast…

A week after we recorded the conversation above Roy interviewed me for his ‘Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Podcast’! Listen to that conversation here, or watch below.

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