52 Reflecting Stories Inwards (feat. Remeny Armitage)

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The storytelling work I do with my clients is entirely interview-driven. I interview people to explore and document their story, then present that story outwards through their marketing communications.

However the customer stories you gather can also be used to develop new products, drive innovation and sharpen your competitive edge. Stories can face inwards as well as out. Listen in to my conversation with Remeny Armitage, founder of Brilliant and Human, as we discuss:

  • Why you can’t rely on automation and AI to present the ‘real you’
  • How to discover what your clients are really saying about you – and how to use that feedback within your business
  • How to develop clients into advocates
  • Why to prioritise customer interviews as a process
  • Common feedback Remeny hears during her interviews – and the direct impact on client revenue
  • How to act quickly on client feedback (and why this matters)
  • How to gather client feedback at exactly the right time

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Links mentioned in the conversation:

Remeny’s website: Brilliant and Human

Remeny’s LinkedIn

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