51 The Real Customer Journey (feat. Aveline Clarke)

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The “customer journey” is one of my favourite marketing metaphors. If you sell high value services, you usually need to take new potential customers on a ‘journey’ before they’re ready to buy.

But what should that journey look like? And is it all about the tech? On this episode I interview customer journey architect Aveline Clarke. Listen in now as we discuss:

  • The difference between the human customer journey and the transactional customer journey
  • Why the ‘customer journey’ is not the same as your marketing tech stack
  • How to avoid the pendulum of marketing shiny objects
  • Why talking about ‘what you do’ can sabotage the customer journey
  • Why the customer journey begins with who you are, on the deepest possible level
  • The customer journey planning process Ave goes through with her clients

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Links mentioned in the conversation:

Aveline’s website: Journey Point

The 6 Star Business podcast

Aveline’s LinkedIn

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