24 Storytelling in Video (feat. Orson Lord)

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When you’re a ‘Story Copywriter’ you’re the written voice of a business you love. Maybe even your own business.

But can you – and should you – tell your personal stories in video? If so, how should you go about it? Do you need to become a professional videographer? 

The answer is, no! In this episode, I interview videographer and storyteller Orson Lord. Listen now to learn:

  • Who should tell their personal story in video
  • How long your video should be
  • How to promote with ads – and where
  • How telling your story can improve lead quality
  • Why you shouldn’t attempt to tell your own story by yourself
  • What kit you need to get started (and why you might already own it)
  • Lighting tips for an engaging video
  • The $20 app that will save your sanity while recording
  • A framework to help tell your story

Find out more about Orson’s work at https://www.mediable.com.au/

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