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I keep coming back to storytelling in my work as a core technology of human connection. The principle that underpins this is human consciousness. On a purely functional level a good story raises your reader’s level of consciousness about themselves or the world around them.

In this episode Marti Spiegelman explains why this matters in business, and also for society at large. In this interview you’ll find the answer to why storytelling matters, as well as:

  • How to approach humanity in business when you’ve been brought up in a rational scientific ethos
  • The importance of human energy and connection
  • Why the elders in indigenous culture are exerts in consciousness
  • Why “full consciousness” matters in business
  • How to avoid confrontation and false problem solving
  • The use of relative and absolute truth
  • Why marketing is not about convincing somebody to choose A over B
  • The difference between the ego and the collective
  • Why ‘The Collective’ isn’t limited to humans
  • The role (and importance) of profit in connected systems
  • The transformative effect of consciousness – and why this takes time

Links mentioned: I don’t want to put Marti’s email here for spam reasons, but use the contact form and I’ll connect you by email.

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Please note the MP3 download link is in the top right corner of the player. Also on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / all the usual podcast places.

I often think I’m running my business to the beat of my own drum. Then I discover that a significant number of people also beat their drum in an eerily familiar way!

Bill Mueller is one of those people. Bill is an experienced email copywriter with a passion for storytelling and the founder of ‘The Story Sales Machine’. I’m delighted that Bill agreed to come on the Story Copywriter Podcast to share his expertise and compare notes!

Listen in now to learn:

  • Why email offers the highest ROI for storytelling
  • How to strike the right balance between automated and broadcast emails
  • How to repurpose old content
  • How to make your writing entertaining – and whether to use humour
  • Whether your writing should always be ‘on topic’
  • How long your emails should be – and the trade-off between length and frequency
  • Where to find inspiration for your stories
  • Why images are under-used in email
  • Why you’ll ALWAYS regret not journaling
  • How to hook the reader into your email
  • Tips to keep people reading
  • Whether to include a call to action in every email
  • Bill’s recommended storytelling books

Links mentioned:

Books mentioned:

  • Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell – and Live – the Best Stories Will Rule the Future (Jonah Sachs)
  • Storyworthy (Matthew Dicks)
  • Story (Robert McKee) – see also my book review

Episode trailer:

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Please note the MP3 download link is in the top right corner of the player. Also on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / YouTube all the usual podcast places.

Mike Garner is a content and email conversion copywriter. He has a simple and important message: your story matters!

On this call we discuss Mike’s new book Stories That Matter: The Everyday Stories of Extraordinary Business People, plus a ton of storytelling insights. Listen in now to learn:

  • How good storytelling is a catalyst for change
  • Why your story is important and worth telling
  • How to make your story relatable to your ideal client
  • Where to tell your personal story
  • How storytelling can negate the need for a ‘hard sell’
  • How to pinpoint the golden thread that runs through your story
  • Mike’s assessment of ChatGPT
  • How to foster and nurture creativity
  • How stories from deep in the past can be highly relative to your message
  • The importance and usefulness of regular journaling

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