Join The Story Copywriter Community - Our Plans For 2022 And Beyond

"Nobody in their right mind - if they are ambitious - would work for anything but a network or a network business."

- Richard Koch, in the 20th anniversary edition of the 80/20 Principle


That quote is ten years old, but has become only more relevant with age. If you’re not connecting your customers through a network you control, you’re in danger – at some point – of becoming a commodity.

(Read more from Richard on this:

Three years ago I realised this applied to copywriting too...

I was sat one evening in the neonatal unit of Sheffield’s Jessop Wing hospital, having ‘skin to skin’ time with my tiny newborn son, Hugo. In front of me a large meeting was being held between departing day staff, and incoming night staff. Handover time. Each baby was discussed. Notes were compared.

It didn’t actually matter who was looking after Hugo. We had our favourite nurses of course; people we naturally got on with the best. But the level of care was always the same.

Nobody was ‘winging it’. An escalation procedure was in place. Notes were maintained and shared.

I realised, in that moment, that copywriting could work in this way too.

If you’re a business owner, you might have a favourite writer. That writer might, for a while at least, be you. But it doesn’t actually matter who is doing the writing itself.

What matters is that notes are maintained. Documentation is in place. Procedures are followed.

Come clean – how much copywriting documentation do you have in your business? Do you have a log of ideas ready to work on? If your copywriter vanished tomorrow, would you be able to ‘plug in’ another writer, or jump into the saddle yourself?

Most businesses can’t. It’s not generally how copywriting is perceived. Writing is the domain of the writer – the specialist. It’s usually left up to the specialist to weave their apparent magic.

I don’t think it has to be magic. You CAN learn to write well, write quickly, and tell great stories. Even if you’re not conventionally considered a copywriter.

To paraphrase Perry Marshall, most business owners are attempting to outsource their copy while taking out their own trash. Yes, copywriting is something you can outsource, but it’s not always the first thing to outsource. And you certainly never want to lose control of the message.

Over the last two years it has become clear that my work IS valuable to the right type of business. Storytelling is a business growth lever that can swing big doors, under the right circumstances. But I can’t do it all myself. Not in the slightest.

I’m not the right writer for many situations, even when drawing heavily on the client's own words. If you want me to write whimsically about fashion for instance, it wouldn’t work out! (Actually that would be terrible.)

Geography can be an issue too. Many American clients for instance want to work with an American writer. I don’t believe this is as big an issue as people think, assuming English is still the first language. But it’s still a factor. Even when I’m repurposing your words, I still sound a little like me.

So I’m building a network…

… a global network of writers who specialise in story copywriting. A collaborative network where different members bring different strengths and perspectives. I might not relish writing about fashion, but somebody else will.

I’ve also seen from my course that an effective Story Copywriter can operate in different guises. It could be a full time digital marketer. It could be a business owner who likes to write, and wants to maintain overall control of their message.

I’ve had the network in place for a few years. I’ve been running regular ‘Writer’s Circle’ calls for my course graduates since 2019. In our current format we meet on Zoom twice a month. We discuss what each other is working on, and share ideas. It's the ongoing training and support aspect of the course.

Writer’s Circle members also get access to my private support forum, where they can post anything for feedback. I’m there to provide feedback, but other members will jump in too. Sometimes with different ideas and perspectives to mine.

Until this month the Writer’s Circle was only open to my Nurture Email Mastery course graduates. Which admittedly is quite a high hurdle. If you’re a business owner, you might not have time to complete an intense 5-week training.

So in the interests of growing the network, and hopefully supporting you and your work, I’ve made some changes…

- Includes 1 Nurture Email Mastery Licence

Writer’s Circle membership now includes one Nurture Email Mastery course licence (worth $597), which you can activate at any time while your subscription is active. You don't need to have completed the course before joining the network.

If you know you won’t have time to complete the course, you can enrol a colleague instead. That person will have full access to the Writer’s Circle community too for as long as your subscription remains active.

- Includes Access to Quarterly Mini Courses

Four times a year we’ll also be running a 1-week masterclass for Writer’s Circle members, examining one specific aspect of business storytelling.

The next course starts on Monday 8th November, and is on Storytelling for Social Media. February’s course will look at Marketing Automation Basics for Copywriters. In May we’ll look at How to Plan a Compelling Business Book.

You’ll only see each mini course in your membership if you’re enrolled before the start of the course. Past courses will only be available at additional cost.

How Much Is It?

If you want to write, and write well, then I’m pulling out all the stops. You’ll find all the training resources, support and community you need in a single place.

We’re in the early stages of growing the community. This is a long term project, and early members will get the best rates on membership. Membership includes:

- 1 Nurture Email Mastery course licence (worth $597)
- Quarterly mini courses ($297 if bought later)
- Fortnightly support webinars with Rob
- Unlimited support through our private forum

Join us before Monday 8th November and lock in at 50% off the regular membership rate by using the code FOUNDER at checkout. Code expires at midnight UK time on Monday 8th November.

That’s a recurring saving, not a one-time carrot. You’ll keep the 50% saving on every future payment for as long as you remain a member. It’s valid on both monthly and annual plans, with a 30 day guarantee included.

I also won't be offering this again.

Try the Writer’s Circle for 30 days. If it doesn’t feel like the right community for you, just let me know within 30 days and I'll refund your money.

Read more and join here

Why the discount? I want to grow the network. I’m trying to figure out: who is here now, and paying attention? Who is following along with the podcast and wants more? Who is ready to improve their skills? Who is ready to join us in community? If that’s you I’d like to reward you for joining early.


P.S. This is what one member had to say about membership:

"I started writing stories and putting them on my website as blog posts. I've been sharing them with Rob to get feedback on them. As time went on, I had new referrals from people. Very often in those conversations, people have said, "I feel like I already know you," even though we've never met. I've even had some people say they trust me just from reading my blog posts, which for me is extraordinary. It wasn't something I ever anticipated when I started using using the story approach."