Lead Magnets That Work

A ‘lead magnet’ is something you give away in exchange for somebody’s information and permission to contact them.

Lead magnets are the single marketing topic that all marketers lose sleep over. Crafting engaging stories is one thing, but attracting new contacts into your world is a steeper challenge. For one thing, media costs are crazy.

The bar to success used to be lower. Fifteen years ago you could offer a ‘newsletter’ or a free PDF and people would subscribe in droves to get their hands on it. These days, getting somebody to ‘pay’ with their contact details is almost as hard as getting them to open their wallet. So you should give your lead magnets just as much care and development as your products.

In essence, your lead magnet is a slice of your full product or service offering. It’s something that allows the recipient to quickly answer a difficult question or solve a tricky problem. It should be quick to ‘consume’ or use.

I’m running a webinar on Thursday for my Story Copywriter Community members, called ‘Lead Magnets That Work’. In 40 minutes or so I’ll share everything I’ve learned about lead magnets over the last 12 years, including some thoughts on more recent ad network developments. Specifically, I’ll discuss whether or not you should be using ‘lead form’ ads on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Every business needs a steady flow of leads. Audience size is a key indicator of future business stability. The faster you can grow an engaged audience, the better!

The webinar is at 12 noon UK time. If you can spare 40 minutes, then I can help you plan your next lead magnet. After the session there will be a challenge running until the end of the year. In a friendly, supportive way, we’ll hold you accountable to creating your next lead magnet.

I have a much better track record at developing effective lead magnets for other people than I do for myself! I’ve seen what has worked across a wide range of markets.

For this week, all community membership plans from with an additional 3-day trial period. Long enough to attend live, or catch the replay which I’ll post shortly after the session.

Join us on Thursday, or catch the replay on Friday. If you don’t want to continue, just let me know within 72 hours and you won’t be charged. But be warned – membership comes with a ton of other perks you may not want to relinquish!

Read more and join here

This will be a small, intimate session on Zoom, so plenty of opportunity to pick my brain. Webinar details can be found in the members support forum.


P.S. PDF giveaways DO still work, but there is some nuance to it. We’ll explore these nuances on Thursday.

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