My Verdict on AI Created Copy (Review of

I’ve heard a lot in recent years about AI-driven copywriting tools. You input a minimum amount of input, provide the tool with guidance on style and tone, and BAM - watch the words appear magically on screen!

Too good to be true, right?

I’ve been a sceptic for a long time – and honestly, I still am. AI can never tell your story as well as you. But it can, it turns out, take a reasonable stab at it.

This month in the Story Copywriter Community we reviewed If you’re a community member the full recording is available in the support forum.

Have a watch of the video below where we use Jasper to almost instantly draft three Facebook ad descriptions:

My assessment? I probably wouldn’t use Jasper (or a similar AI tool) in my business. BUT I think some readers on this list WILL get value from it, especially for generating ideas, getting started or producing a (very) speedy first draft.

A huge issue with copywriting is leverage. You can only work so many hours and write so many words. It would be arrogant to dismiss new technology off hand.

For my full assessment on Jasper you’ll need to join the community. Post ONE piece of work a month for feedback and it’s a good investment.


Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of Story Copywriters, copywriting coach, and author of Simple Story Selling. Grab a paperback or Kindle copy at