10 The Double Opt-in

Your email marketing provider may limit what you can say in your double opt-in emails, so you may need to innovate!

9 The Referral Getter

I suggest sending this from your personal email, not from your email marketing platform. Or if not style the email to look like a personal email.

8 The Webinar Invite

This template is more of a structural template than a ‘fill in the blanks’ template. I’ve included two templates; one introducing a webinar guest, and one regular invite. I’m not claiming this is the only way to write a webinar invite – but more of a framework to get you started! Regular Invite Guest Invite

7 The Objection Raiser

This template currently has no video walkthrough, please see the lesson materials for instructions.

6 Deal Getter

Considerations: 1. Pay attention to the verbs you use when you ‘bring the reader in’ 2. Try to paint a full picture of what the experience of your product or service is like. Experiences are as important as outcomes

5 The Ghost Remover

Clear your sales pipeline with this email… The things to keep in mind are: 1. Don’t have one final go at selling. Just write to apologise 2. Invite the contact to respond personally if there has been a mistake

4 The Short Stumpy One

Considerations: 1. Make sure the email goes from an assistant or colleague. It is often still a good idea to include your company name in the sender name. 2. Crete an open loop by referring to something in the video.

3 The Story Email

The things to keep in mind are: 1. Does the story you are telling overlap with your reader’s story? 2. Can you start in the thick of the action? 3. Can you transition smoothly to your message? If you would like to learn about the story template in more detail you should take a look…

2 The Forwarded Email

The things to keep in mind are: 1. Arouse curiosity in the first couple of sentences 2. Make sure your subject line matches the subject of your forwarded email 3. Style the email to look like a plain text email