Identify Your Core Selling Story

Rob Drummond

Date & time :

19th May 2023

1 - 2  PM UK BST 


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Do Ideal Customers Pass Your Offer Like Ships In The Night?

You’re good at what you do. You have a unique system, methodology and perspective. Existing clients leave rave reviews. BUT marketing yourself can feel… slimy. When people ask “what do you do?”, your answer never truly reflects the value you provide.

So ideal customers pass your offer like ships in the night. They fail to grasp how you can help them.

The only way to communicate your uniqueness is by telling your story...

Nobody else has your story. It contains your wisdom, value and perspective. The trouble is, your story is a BIG thing. You can only tell a slice of it to a new potential customer.

This slice is your core selling story…

When you get your core selling story right, your ideal prospect will stop and pay attention. The right story creates a warm vibration at a deep emotional level. A feeling that you understand the problem even better than they do. An intuition that YOU are the person to solve this problem.

On this webinar you’ll pinpoint the best story to tell at networking meetings, in email and on social media. You'll come up with at least 5 potential core story ideas. You’ll understand which of these five stories is your core selling story. You’ll be excited to go and write it, even if you aren't usually a writer.

When you register for the webinar I’ll immediately send you the webinar handout, which provides all the notes you need for the session. Due to the interactive nature of this session there will be no replay, so please block your calendar to attend live.

Guaranteed the best use of your Friday lunchtime! I promise to deliver a concise session that delivers immediately actionable insights.

Put the best version of your story out into the world. Attract ideal customers who resonate with your story and share your values.

The Best Time To Start Telling Your Story Is Now!

Register now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about business storytelling.

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Rob Drummond

Rob is a copywriter, email marketing expert, author and podcaster based in Sheffield, England. He teaches marketers to write stories that sell.