Identify & Write Your Core Selling Story

Date & time :

19th & 26th  February 2023

8 - 9  PM UK GMT 


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What You’ll learn in this 2-part webinar:

Your core selling story is the story you place at the heart of your marketing right after you have somebody’s attention. The best story to place here isn’t necessarily the default one you tell about you and your work. In fact, it’s rarely the default one!

On the first session (12th Feb) you’ll come up with at least 5 potential core story ideas. You’ll come away with a clear idea on which story to place at the heart of your marketing, and why. You’ll be excited to go and write it. It won’t feel arduous to open the blank Word doc and get going. The second session on Sunday 19th will look at specific writing tips.

When you register for the webinar I’ll immediately send you the webinar handout, which provides all the notes you need for the session. There will be a 48 hour recording for registered participants if you can’t join us.

These sessions are geared towards coaches and consultants. You have a story to tell and a unique system or perspective. 

Guaranteed the best use of your Sunday evening! Put the best version of your story out into the world. Attract ideal customers who resonate with your story and share your values.

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Your Webinar Host:

Rob Drummond

Rob is a copywriter, email marketing expert, author and podcaster based in Sheffield, England. He helps coaches and consultants to tell their story and attract a steady stream of ideal clients.


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