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Tell Stories to Build Trust

Rob DrummondMy name is Rob Drummond, I’ve been a marketing consultant and email copywriter my entire professional life. A few years ago I had a horrible realisation:

I don’t actually like marketing very much.

Not the way most companies go about it. Most marketing is shallow, in-authentic, and out to make a fast buck. Most marketing fails to ask questions that actually help you. Most marketing tries to funnel you as fast as possible down some pre-conceived sales path. It just didn’t feel like a way I wanted to do business.

Around the same time, I had developed a deep interest in storytelling. I’m not what you might call a natural storyteller, or conversationalist. But I could see that stories are everywhere. Stories are the oldest way that humans pass on knowledge. Stories are the basis of trust. How can you trust someone if you don’t know their real story?

I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Storytelling has popped up as a ‘new’ marketing fad, or tactic. But most of the advice is all from the brand perspective. Weaving a narrative about your brand and your customer is a good starting point – but only a starting point.

To build trust, people also want to know YOUR story, including your vulnerabilities, fears and struggles. People see their own struggles mirrored in yours, establishing common ground and trust.

Going Deeper…

I’ve always been interested in literature. Back when I did A-level literature at school, friends who focused on ‘real’ subjects like maths and science joked I was doing an A-level in reading books. I knew their jokes were misplaced, but at the time I didn’t know why.

I’ve since realised that literature is the largest body of human wisdom we have access to, and stories are the mechanism by which that wisdom gets passed on. Literature solves a communication problem between past generations and the present.

Like literature, marketing also exists to solve a communications problem. Marketing solves the distance problem of not being face to face with every potential customer. The highest function of marketing is to pass on your knowledge, and the best way to do that is with your story.

People make buying decisions based on emotion, not information. To sell based on expertise, it isn’t enough any more to simply produce excellent content, and hide behind your knowledge. In 2019 and beyond knowledge is too commodotised.

My work at StoryCopywriters.com is about reconnecting the worlds of marketing and literature. I’ve discovered through my work that we’re all natural storytellers. We’ve just been trained to believe otherwise, or believe that people aren’t interested in our story.

The place to start is with my free 7-day storytelling crash course. If you believe your story is boring, or not relevant to your work, then let me convince you otherwise. Just enter your first name and best email address below.