Convert Your True Story Into Emails That Sell

Does this sound familiar:

  • You do great work for your clients, but it takes you all day to write a marketing email
  • Your open rates falling, and unsubscribe rates are going up
  • You invest in sophisticated email marketing tools, but stumble over what to write
  • check
    Business is feast or famine. You don’t have a long-term pipeline of new customers
  • check
    You know you need to send better emails more often
  • check
    The emails you send tend to be functional, and don't capture your experience, perspective and uniqueness
  • Writing simply isn't your skillset, or a good use of your time

We'll write the emails, so you can run your business...

We’ll write and implement emails that pull new customers into your world and keep them there. You’ll build a long-term pipeline of new business, without any of the hard work.

All of the email content comes from you. It's like having a personal ghost writer who can quickly convert your thoughts into compelling emails.

An effective email series is the best way to increase the ROI of your ad spend. You've already done the hard work to find someone, or get an opt-in. Now it's time to nurture the relationship and convert cold prospects into high value customers.

Who is this for

  • You're an educator in your field, with a valuable message you want to communicate
  • You get great testimonials, but struggle to get traction with cold prospects
  • You know you need to be communicating with people over a longer timeframe
  • You have existing marketing activity and new leads coming in
  • You're ready to invest in your emails, on the basis that one or two additional clients will quickly repay your investment

What Happens Next

Book an initial call with Rob to discuss your project using the form below. Please note you need to have read either Magnetic Expertise or Simple Story Selling before booking this call (both affordable on Amazon).

John Verbrugge

Shared Hands

You’ve drawn various stories and situations from my past, and used them to create a coherent set of stories that have set the direction for my conversation with my audience.

What I liked best about this is that you did all the hard work – getting the focus and the “moral of the story” part. The easy part is all that’s left for me to do – filling in the details. Your true genius ability is to listen my stories and draw out the bigger meaning of that story. That’s what makes a story powerful.

Derek Dearden

Derek Dearden


Rob has a real skill in drawing out lines of narrative in the course of the conversation, and suggesting the marketing points that can be illustrated from anecdotal stories about life events.

For less than the fee that some copywriters would charge for a single piece, you can have a rich store of copy ideas that will keep you going for months, if not years.

Luke Syzrmer

Launch Tomorrow

Working with Rob reinforces my preexisting belief in the need for truth in marketing. There is a way to be transparent, build on your existing assets and strengths, and still create a message that can resonate with a specific market. This service helped me find mine. It requires some skill, but Rob does it for you.

And I am certain, that once my audience starts hearing this message, it will be unique. And definitely my own, because it’ll be based on my slightly offbeat background and backstory. And therefore impossible to copy or just knock off.