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We've seen over the last few years how damaging isolation can be.

Isolation kills. Isolation breeds hopelessness. Isolation destroys independence.

Isolation is damaging for copywriters, too. A copywriter working alone is stuck 50% of the time. Feedback matters. Support matters.

Since 2019 I’ve run a mastermind group for my students called the Story Copywriter Writer’s Circle. The Writer’s Circle meets online every 2 weeks. We share what we’ve been working on. We ask questions. We examine storytelling technique and ask: how could the writing be improved? Is the story right for the message? If it’s an email series, what should the entire sequence look like? How should the stories be sequenced?

A community has grown around the Writer’s Circle. Initially the community began as a support forum and a place to post recordings. It is still those things, but also more. It’s a place for storytelling copywriting marketing nerds to nerd out, share work, collaborate and learn from each other.

Introducing Community Membership

I created community membership as a lower cost route to access The Story Copywriter Community than full Writer's Circle membership. As a community member you get:

  • Access to our support forum (the same forum where my Writer’s Circle members post their work)
  • The ability to post your work for feedback in the forum – for feedback from both me and the other members
  • Access to all Writer’s Circle call recordings
  • Access to my body of process documentation
  • Access to the monthly community writing challenge

In short, community membership includes everything except active participation in the Writer’s Circle support calls, for just 20% of the investment.

In addition to this, I’ve published all my copywriting processes in the community, available to you under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. As a member you’re able to use, share or adapt any process.

Right now you’ll find:

  • My email production checklist (essentially a 2-page summary of my 5-week Nurture Email Mastery course)
  • The Story Map interview questions I use with clients to help coax their story out into the open
  • My customer interview questions for gathering great customer stories and testimonials
  • My book authoring and self-publishing process
  • The full marketing follow-up system I suggest you build around a self-published book

I’ve also included a few older processes I originally developed for my PPC work around market research and ad creation. They’re still relevant, especially if social media is a big part of your strategy.

Each month we also hold a monthly writing challenge focused on one aspect of copywriting technique. These challenges emerge organically from discussions within the community. Each month I’ll produce a members-only video with a monthly challenge. The challenges are optional. You're welcome to observe or take part as an active participant.

September’s challenge will be on ‘The Hook’. We’ll examine how to draw the reader into a piece of writing.

In October we’ll dive into the world of AI, looking at a tool called (I’m sceptical about AI tools, but also believe this merits a closer look.)

Take a look inside the community:

Includes Ongoing Support

As a community member I’ll also be encouraging you to participate regularly in the community. I’ll encourage you to connect with other members - especially members with complimentary skills to yours.

The Story Copywriter community is strictly collaborative and multi-disciplinary. Unlike other communities, we don’t devote ourselves to just email. We aren’t just writing books. We aren’t just writing scripts for videos. We’re collaborating to tie everything together in a cohesive marketing follow-up system.

Different members specialise in different media or tactics. The community provides a place to connect and collaborate. To learn from each other. To join forces. To achieve bigger things than we can achieve by ourselves.

Who Is This For?

You should be subscribed to my free email list. You should have read (or be reading) Simple Story Selling. You should have listened to a few episodes of the Story Copywriter Podcast, or have delved into the podcast notes. But you should like to write and view it as a good use of your time. You aren’t looking to outsource your copywriting any time soon.

If that’s you, then community membership is the most cost-effective way to develop your skills. The community is the place to get critical feedback on your work. The place to sound out ideas and prevent yourself from running down dead ends.

What’s The Investment?

My dream and vision for the community is to build an engaged community of marketing professionals. People with a passion for storytelling. If you love stories and want to enhance your marketing message, I want you in the community.

Community membership costs £20 per month, or £200 per year. A 14-day money back guarantee is included and you can switch between monthly and annual billing  at any time.

David MacGregor

"Clients have said they feel like they know me, even though we've never met..."

I started writing stories and putting them on my website as blog posts. I've been sharing them with Rob to help get your feedback on them and improve them. As time went on, I had new referrals from people. Very often in those conversations, people have said, "I feel like I already know you," even though we've never met. I've even had some people say they trust me just from reading my blog posts, which for me is extraordinary. It wasn't something I ever anticipated when I started using using the story approach.

David MacGregor  //

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