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Stories For Business Use, #5 Have you ever been robbed, close up in person? One September night in 2007 I was walking home about 11PM. The fastest route home passed a derelict university building under renovation. As I walked two boys appeared at the top of the road. Both had hoods up. One was whistling. […]

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The Empathy Zone

Stories For Business Use, #4 Have you ever been to a party and struggled to make conversation with the other guests? When I was a student I wasn’t too discriminate about who I made friends with. I would end up at house parties where everyone would be talking about Final Fantasy 12, or some other […]

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Introducing the timeline

Stories For Business Use, #3 Hi , I was telling you last time about my habit of writing outlines to exam answers at university. I have not always employed the same diligence when writing marketing emails. For many years I just used to wing it, and rely on natural ‘writing flair’. I got reasonably good at winging it over the years. […]

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Avoiding waffle

Write Stories That Sell, #2 Hi , Do you remember taking exams? I do. The memory is perhaps a little too raw. All the insecure students would mill about beforehand, testing each other. We were then herded into a cold gymnasium, where row after row of desks were spaced three feet apart. A bald, serious-looking examiner would explain the rules. […]

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Are Your Stories Boring?

Write Stories That Sell, #1 Hi , It was a rainy Tuesday morning in September, 2012. I sat in the boardroom at the Q4 sales meeting, along with 12 sales reps and line managers. After dwelling on the sales figures it was time for me to stand up and deliver my marketing update. I delivered most of my talk […]

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