Black Friday: Work Directly With Rob And Save 90%!

If you're ready to sharpen your written storytelling skills and beat writer's block for good, then I have a unique Black Friday deal for you...

In fact, it's partly a deal, and partly a writing challenge!

The Story Copywriter Community is my training community for writers who want to sharpen their storytelling skills. 

Community membership also includes access to Nurture Email Mastery, which is my 5-week email storytelling training course. The course will teach you how to convert everyday events into compelling business communications.

So here's the deal and challenge:

  • Join the Story Copywriter Community before midnight on Monday 28th November
  • Complete Nurture Email Mastery by Friday 6th January (6 weeks from now). At least, show me you've engaged with the training and attempted the assignments.

I'll then conduct a cost-price Story Map interview with you. We'll talk through your story at length and document it into a usable format.

After completing the Story Map you’ll know exactly how to tell your story and in what places. You’ll know how to connect your story to your sales message. You'll have transcripts to work from so you never have to start from the blank screen. 

I normally charge $2,000 for the Story Map interviews, transcription and analysis. All I ask is that you pay the transcription costs (usually between $100-200).

If you're willing to put in the time to complete Nurture Email Mastery, then I'm willing to put in my time to talk through and help document your story. One long-running community member still draws on the Story Map interview we did over 5 years ago. It's a fount of inspiration and something that will prop up your writing for years to come.

Read more about the Story Map process here, including client testimonials.

Community membership is affordable, with a 14-day money back guarantee and further savings on annual payments.