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Your Story Is Worth Telling

I’m reading a book called The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz.The book tells the story of Denis Avey, a British soldier captured by the Nazis in North Africa. Avey eventually wound up at a POW labour camp at IG Farben’s Buna-Werke plant near Auschwitz. At the plant, British POWs were forced to work alongside Jewish prisoners.After watching the way Jewish prisoners were treated, Avey […]

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Lead Magnets That Work

A ‘lead magnet’ is something you give away in exchange for somebody’s information and permission to contact them. Lead magnets are the single marketing topic that all marketers lose sleep over. Crafting engaging stories is one thing, but attracting new contacts into your world is a steeper challenge. For one thing, media costs are crazy. […]

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Exploring the changing phases of life

I spend a lot of time converting stories into emails, book chapters and other forms of prose. In listening to somebody’s story I’m really listening for changes; small or large events that indicate a movement from one phase of life to the next. On a personal level we feel these changes as they happen, although […]

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The Creator’s Curse

One of the few marketing podcasts I follow is Chris Davis’s All Systems Go podcast. A few years ago Chris published an episode on ‘the Creator’s Curse’… As soon as I heard those words I knew they contained inherent truth. My archive of work is littered with half completed lead magnets, book ideas, courses and products. Kind of like a collection […]

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47 Storytelling Video Scripts (feat. James Daniel)

Please note the MP3 download link is in the top right corner of the player. — Video can be a fast, effective way to build trust with new potential customers. The trouble is, most business video misses the mark. We worry about the technicalities of lighting, equipment and presentation, when what matters most is the script. On this […]

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Story Selection: a Worked Example

The stories you believe to be your ‘best’ stories are rarely the ones that get the best response. More often, it is stories about ‘routine’ events often seem to perform better. The ones you almost didn’t send. Usually these are your ‘untold’ stories. Untold because you think nobody will be interested in them. In selecting […]

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