Beat Writer’s Block For Good. Learn How To Write Stories That Sell

Ever get stuck writing a blog post or marketing email? Beat the blank screen for good and become the written voice of a business you love. You're in the right place to learn:

  • How to write great marketing content quickly, without getting stuck
  • How to weave authentic stories throughout the customer journey
  • How to become a valuable freelance or in-house copywriter

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About Story Copywriters

I’m Rob. I’m a copywriter, author and marketing automation expert. I’m also a father of two, barefoot runner, longbow archer, craft beer drinker, lover of books. These things crop up in my writing, because they make up my story.

My core belief is that trust underpins any high value sale. And stories are how we build trust. Stories allow people to get to know you, without meeting you. Stories communicate your beliefs, experience and values. Stories allow you to educate, entertain and sell, all at the same time.

We're all natural storytellers. We all swim in a sea of stories. Stories are the building blocks of trust.

What will you learn here? You'll learn how to thread authentic stories throughout the customer journey. You'll learn to write emails that attract your ideal customers. Emails that let people know the real you. And not just emails - other forms of content too.

I do two things here:

  • I teach marketing professionals how to beat the blank screen and write stories that sell (through my community and training courses)
  • I help my 1-1 clients to convert their story into a successful Amazon book
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What Clients Have Said

Working with Rob reinforces my preexisting belief in the need for truth in marketing. There is a way to be transparent, build on your existing assets and strengths, and still create a message that can resonate with a specific market.

And I am certain, that once my audience starts hearing this message, it will be unique. And definitely my own, because it’ll be based on my slightly offbeat background and backstory. And therefore impossible to copy or just knock off.

Luke Szyrmer

Luke Szyrmer

Launch Tomorrow

Rob has a skill in drawing out lines of narrative in the course of the conversation, and suggesting the marketing points that can be illustrated from anecdotal stories about life events.

For less than the fee that some copywriters would charge for a single piece, you can have a rich store of copy ideas that will keep you going for months, if not years.. 

Derek Dearden

Derek Dearden


You’ve drawn various stories and situations from my past, and used them to create a coherent set of stories that have set the direction for my conversation with my audience.

What I liked best about this is that you did all the hard work – getting the focus and the “moral of the story” part. The easy part is all that’s left for me to do – filling in the details. Your true genius ability is to listen my stories and draw out the bigger meaning of that story. That’s what makes a story powerful.

John Verbrugge

John Verbrugge

Shared Hands